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Morse code translators online

There are many ways to encrypt transmissions. Moreover, you can also begin your code. Which only you and your friends will understand. But the world's most famous coding technique has already been developed - Morse code decoder. Next, let's talk about online translators. And about the invention itself.

What is Morse Code Used For?

Morse code was developed to share information using short and long signals. This method is very noise-resistant. It was invented when there was no radio yet. The alphabet appeared in Russia in 1856. Initially, codes of Latin letters were used, which were similar to Russian ones.

Morse code is simple at the same time effective way to communicate information over long distances. The first code was developed and proposed for use in 1838 by the inventor Morse himself. Some elements in the invention were finalized by his friend Alfred Weil. But Morse denied this for a long time.

A certain telegraph was used to communicate signals. Each letter in the alphabet corresponds to a certain group of signals. For example, the Russian letter A in Morse code representation looks and sounds like this: “. —” (i.e. dot-dash). And the letter E or Yo corresponds to one dot ".". The circumstances are the same with sound: a short signal corresponds to a dot, a long signal to a dash.

The alphabet developed almost two hundred years ago is still used today. Moreover, additional characters have been introduced into its code. In 2004, the telecommunication Union offered a blend of signals for the @ sign. To be able to send an e-mail address in messages.

Converter to Morse code

Today it is not essential to learn morse code to understand its messages. Various online resources can encrypt or decrypt the code from dots and dashes.

Interesting: Morse code has undergone many changes to our time and is practically not similar to the original. It was significantly revised by the German physicist Gercke. It is his version that is used even today.

A simple and understandable Morse translator is located at this address. Will be able to decipher characters and code in any direction. Under the main window for entering characters, you need to specify the text in morse code or morse code in Latin / Cyrillic.

Below the Morse code translator online is a table of correspondence between characters and signs. As well as interesting facts and stories about the alphabet.

Below the Morse code translator online is a table of correspondence between characters and signs. As well as interesting facts and stories about the alphabet.

The rectangular button next to it will copy what is written in the text block. At the top of the window on the site, you can select a different language.

Mobile Application for Android

Morse code can be downloaded for your android phone or tablet. The play market has applications for your phone that reproduce Morse signals using a flashlight on your device. Morse code for a smartphone can be downloaded. This program was created according to the DOSAAF methodology.

The program is more suitable for those who want to learn Morse Code. It has everything you need to know: a table of correspondences, tunes, Morse code. As well as exercises that you must pass entirely.

The famous alphabet has its advantages and disadvantages. The former includes the ability to encode a message manually. As well as saving and playback by the simplest devices. And the obvious disadvantages include - a time-consuming procedure for data transfer. So, it will take about ten simple sends to send one character.

Morse code translators online can also be beneficial to learn. Don't forget the tunes, which can be found in the Wikipedia article. At the time, Morse was an artist dedicated to painting, but when he saw work on electromagnetism, he had the insight to use electrical impulses to transmit messages over long distances. 

In 1836, with the popularization of the use of electricity, he created the electric telegraph and the system of simple, easily distinguishable, and accessible dots and dashes—signs for encoding messages—which would be known as Morse code.

After a lot of persistence to patent and show the value of the invention, he got the support of the American government to build an experimental telegraph line between Washington (DC) and Baltimore (Maryland).

In 1844, for the first time in history, a complex message was communicated over long distances, almost instantly. It covered 62 kilometers in just a few seconds. At the proposal of the daughter of a friend of Morse's, the historic phrase transmitted was a biblical quote and read: "What a work God has done." Thus began the age of the telegraph, which would lead to the age of the telephone, the Internet, and the smartphone.

Congratulations to Morse, who authorized himself to look at things from another perspective and, with that, revolutionized communication. We are lucky to be able to use technologies such as WhatsApp and Telegram today, inspired by the inventor's creativity and dedication. Want to try out Morse code? Access and have fun.

MORSE: Art And Electricity

Before creating the telegraph and Morse code, the inventor graduated from Yale in 1810. Despite his interest in studies associated with electricity, he decided to pursue a career as a painter. He went to study Arts in England, where he worked with several British masters.

Combining prominent technical skills with a romantic style, he went on to create works to depict biographies and epic moments.

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